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The mission of the Hope Academy is to provide students who have dropped out as well as those contemplating dropping out of a formal educational program an opportunity to obtain a quality education leading to a diploma.

Our School:

Hope Academy is the first drop out recovery charter school in Kansas City, Missouri. It is sponsored by the University of Missouri-Kansas City and serves students ages 16 to 21 in grades nine through twelve. With the help of proven on-line instructional programs, students at Hope Academy will receive an educational program which is individualized and doesn’t embarrass them in front of their peers. Students who pick either one will have access to proven on-line reading and core instruction programs that are aligned with Missouri standards. Creative courses which meet the needs of students will also be available. In order to keep track of student progress from the beginning of their work until they are tested by the Missouri Assessment Program (MAP), their strengths and weaknesses will be assessed through pre-tests in reading and in core academic areas. Their growth throughout the year will be measured on an on-going basis, as well. Students who need special education services will receive them.

A strong student support system has been designed for students. The support system includes the development and monitoring of an Individual Learning Contract for each student; counseling, social work, and health services available in-house or through referral; work-study and internships; a strong career focus; dual credit courses; support in choosing a post-secondary institution and in meeting the qualifications for acceptance; and support in finding the necessary funding for post-secondary education.